Holi Love Messages for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

By | February 2, 2016

Holi Love Messages for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

holi love message

holi love message

  • Har rang aap pe hi barse, Har koi apse Holi khelne ko tarse, Rang de aapko sab itna, Ki aap rang Bharne ko tarse. Wishing you a Very Happy Colourful Holi.
  • Happy Holi not for today, but for our entire life; I promise I never let the colour fades, not for a while. Some colors can be touched and some are made for being felt; it is the feeling of love full of colors that make my today beautiful. Happy Holi


  • It is hard not to love someone….
    when he is all you ever think about.
    Happy Holi to you.
  • Whenever I meet her even my wrist watch
    Stops ticking my heart strikes additional beats
    To compensate the loss.
  • May This Holi be as Colourful as ever.
    May this Holi bring joy,
    And Health and wealth to you.
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  • Aapki is ada ka kya jawab du
    apne pyar ki main kya mishal du
    koi acha sa color ho to bhej dete
    jo khud colourful ho usko kya colour du.
  • Let’s paint a heart with our feelings of love and colour it with our beautiful days of past. The colour I share with you is love that makes me happy and always binds me to you. The core colour of my heart expresses in being together. I love you and Happy Holi.
  • Meaning
    H=> Happiness of life.
    O=> Ocean of color…
    L=> Language of love,
    I=>Integration with one another.
    Wishing you & your family.
  • Jo Sab Dete He Wo Hum Nahi Denge
    Pyar Jab Bhi Denge Kam Nahi Denge
    Yakin Na Ho To Aazma Lena Mere Dost,
    Zindgi Me Kbhi Tumhe Gum Nahi Denge.
    Holi Mubarak Ho.
  • koi pyar kehta hai.
    koi mohabbat kehta.
    aur kuchh log bandgi kehte hai.
    magar jisse hum pyar karte hai.
    usey hum aapni zindagi kehte hai.

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